Trekking Or Hiking Poles


For many hikers, snowshoers and backpackers, the use of trekking or hiking poles has become standard equipment for them. looking like conventional ski poles, they help with weight distribution and balance and if you still don’t have this in your hiking kit, then you better should get one. There are a lot of things that must be considered when buying a set of hiking pole height chart including the locking system, weight, strength, shock absorbency and among others.

Assuming that you found one, there are many benefits of using them like for instance, it is providing outstanding footing and balance, reducing the amount of stress on your legs and joints, transfer some weight to your arms, assists in crossing of streams, make crossing difficult sections of trail safer and easier, may be used as your third arm to move branches out of your way and the likes.

Best hiking poles may also be used on almost any trail whether a steep or flat hike scramble, it is all up to you to decide. On gentle or flat terrain, the pole grip has to be the same height of your hand with your elbow at 90 degree angle. When it comes to longer uphill sections, you might want to shorten the pole and for downhill, slightly lengthen them for optimal control.

Typically, there are 2 main kinds of poles and those are the one that come with anti-shock system and the ones that don’t have. Being able to choose between the two is often a personal preference.

Most poles are also made in 3 pieces and these are basically the most compact design and offering wide range of height adjustment. Most of the pole shafts are round and they work well for many. Other shafts may be teardrop or oval shaped and while stiffer and stronger, these tend to be an overkill plus, they’re a bit heavier. Many hiking poles are also aluminum and that must fit your needs fine. Carbon fiber is lighter but, the weight benefit offset by its higher price. The carbon fiber poles are typically top of the line poles you can get and the most expensive in the market.If you want to learn more about hiking poles, you can visit

In regards to locking mechanisms, there are 2 styles of it. This is either with some form of clamp lock or a twist compression lock. Between the two, it is the clamp lock that is more superior in style. The twist lock on the other hand is susceptible to loosening over time and it might lead to collapse when needed the most. Clamp locks however won’t collapse assuming that they’re adjusted on the right height.


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